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people's intermediation negotiate

Le 9 August 2014, 07:28 dans Humeurs 0

Diverse, the insurance need of multilayers;With medical dispute people's intermediation negotiate etc. for basis, develop reason to compensate a work in time, simplification reason compensate a procedure, excellent turn reason to compensate process, promote service of ability and level.At 10:00 A.M. the 11th, brand-newsnow dragon number investigates local base appropriation wharf to start on journey to rush to leave for North Pole from the river bank eastern China polar region in Shanghai and carries out a science investigation task in the sixth-time North Pole in China.This time section tests at the same time also is after 2013 the countries acquire a formal observer country of council in North Pole in the middle of the year identity after, China organizes of first time section in North Pole test.The investigation district that this section tests continued the traditional district that five ex- North Pole sections nike air max 90 hyperfuse womenstest and included white to make sea, white make strange sea of straits, Chu's section and sea areas, such as sea set and Canadian sea basin...etc., this will contribute to many times in the past a section to test result of analysis and contrast.According to understand, this section tests of plan investigation it is 76 days, the total distance is about 11057 nautical miles, anticipate to return to domestic on September 24.National office director from investigation in polar region in the ocean bureau, science investigation leader of a group in the sixth-time North Pole in China song explores Zhou introduction to say, section in North Pole's testing is particularly a southern China North Pole environment to synthesize to investigate for for the sixth time item the last sequence of flights that the arctic ocean district investigates for 25 periods.The main contents that the section tests BEthe rapid variety of North Pole and

Its influence to Chinese weather and the environment.Investigate the distributing of the ocean hydrology and weather, ocean geology and the Earth physics, marine life and environment main factors, such as ecosystem and ocean chemistry...etc. characteristic and variety regulation that the point includes North Pole.Song explores Zhou to say and passes the investigation to two cold poles, research and contrast, the mankind have the main factor to hope to find out to influence weather variety quickly, thus science replies world the weather change this hard nut to crack in the world.With South Pole compare, the peripheral nation in North Pole is more, this will contribute to we develop to keep on long time of prognosticate.Science investigation in North Pole will further increase our nike air max 2014 cheapcountry North Pole region to investigate on the scene for for the sixth time of original data material, promote an our country to the whole valuation and understanding of the North Pole environment.In addition, according to understand, test the food problem between member of team and staff member for solution section on board, the supply hard nut to crack of especially fresh vegetable, vegetable group in Shanghai this time use the forerunner's vegetable to keep fresh technique, go together with to deliver forsnow dragon number from the different habitat, is opposite to bear the vegetable of storage of the species add up to 71, go together with to send to an amount to reach to 12.15 tons and ensure with all strength that the sixth-time China North Pole section tests a brigade to go on an expedition smoothly.(Reporter, Xu 硙 Wang, Lin Lin)medium new agency Peking on July 11 give or get an electric shock(reporter, Jiang Tao , ) the sixth Central America

Central America strategic and economic dialogue and the fifth humanities communicates that the high Cuo company(brief namedialogue with negotiate) holds in Peking on the 9-10th, Central America bilateral strategy, economy, humanities three aspects reach a concrete more than 300 items achievement andpull out sting and plant flowers for setting up a Central America new big country relation.Observe a personage to widespreadly think, this dialogue and Cuo company will for November, this year Chinese President Xi Peking of near president Obama in the United States, Ping-ho meet with cushion and work well preparation.Look back lately a Chinese government to administer of China-U.S. relations, two country's head of states use the way that the manor meets with, for the Central America new big country relation tune string instrument settle sound.But Central America ofhard sting of seem nike kobe 8 ukto be not to reduce.The end of last year, have the United States to design air defense in East China Sea to identify area to mean a concern to China, Obama meets to reach to depend on, Central America the warship south china sea rubs, the United States indicts affairses like Chinese soldier,etc.But same times are inside the segment, and then have Central America head of state Hague at the beginning of the year's meeting with to carry out two a country Be interactive tomake a good beginning for new year, the first lady Michaelle of the United States visits China, gram inside, admire the United States' Gao Guans like space Er,etc visit one after another;The Chinese People's Liberation Army total chief of staff building Feng Hui visits the United States, China sends a warship participation wreath Pacific Ocean soldier to play to wait benefit good.These are slightly

parenthood committee news in the website

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The standard that can swim only attains three types of water in some times, standard can swim, why?Be because sewage emissions, wastewater treatment and sewage piece stay not enough.He suggests the spot is each go to from turn of some places, go to white cloud, flowers all along flow the river river has a look,  is four words, touch eyes shocking.Chen Jian Hua one word a ground say,  piggery one immediately after one, sewage of the factory keeps a row to flow river river, flowing the river river is our mother's rivers, and we can not treat it like this.(Reporter, Zhang Lin, and beam Yi Tao)win a new net on July 11 and give or get an electric shock according to the national hygiene and the planned parenthood committee news in the website, the national hygiene accounts to living a Wei and judiciary, Ministry of Finance and China to protect Jian will, national Chinese medicine medicine the nike lebron 11 cheapadministration printed recently hair concerning strengthen the medical liability insurance worked of opinion, opinion request, to before the end of 2015, the whole country was public hospital x-rated three protected a rate should attain 100%.The opinion is explicit, hygiene's accounting to living an administrative dept., the Chinese medicine medicine management section to unify organization and pushing an especially public medical organization realization of each kind of medical organization should protect to to the utmost protect.To before the end of 2015, whole country x-rated public hospital three protect a rate should attain 100%;Is second class public hospital three protect a rate should attain above 90%;Want to be actively everywhere

Develop an experimental unit, investigate an establishment suitable grass-roots medical the medical risk of organization share a mechanism and push forward government to do grass-roots medical organization aggressive three protect, lower medical organization and medical personnel to keep industry risk;Is aggressive to encourage and guide not- public medical organization three protect.At the same time, strongly push medical surprised insurance to wait a relevant development that nearly grows, gradually perfect our country the medical risk share a mechanism.The opinion points out that each kind of medical organization wants to build up safe affairs responsibility of medical quality's sharing a mechanism and take place medical damage of, raise the medical personnel's responsibility consciousness the related responsibility with investigating of medical personnel, prize and nike zoom soldier 6 2014punishment hook.The opinion requests that the judicature section wants to strengthen people the instruction of the intermediation work is to the medical dispute, sound organization network, raise troops character, insist that the method of using cures thinking and rule of law method to dissolve medical dispute;Medical dispute people the intermediation committee want to accept in time and by law intermediation medical dispute, can not the medical organization have never taken part in medical liability insurance for from refuse intermediation, attain medical dispute people the intermediation work overaly all medical organizations;Want perfect work system and process, the norm intermediation letter of agreement creates, sound adjust to compensate the work mechanism for combining, practical medical the dispute people's intermediation agreement is used as insurance male

The reason of department compensates basis of a.The opinion puts forward, public finance section in the place wants to enlarge support to the medical liability insurance and ensures that the medical liability insurance well develops medical risk to share a function;The medical organization insures a medical liability insurance insurance fee to expend to pay in the row in its medical treatment.Opinion requests that the insurance takes charge of a section to strengthen the direct to the insurance organization, management and investigates a work and guides the insurance organization further perfect medical liability insurance contract, item, according to the balanced budget, protect the principle of a tiny benefit, science reasonable collates and stipulates a medical liability insurance fee rate and strengthens medical liability insurance product attraction and adaptability;Guide the insurance nike air max 1 womensorganization's enlargement throws in strength to the medical liability insurance business and ushers in and trains a professional technique talented person and do like inside achievement, practical control and insurance working well risk serve a work;Guide a reasonableness competition, strengthen to take charge of, seriously handle behavior in the violating the rules of insurance market and injure the behavior of medical organization and sufferer legal rights by law.The opinion emphasizes that the insurance organization should periodically develop an insurance case review and carry on an insurance fee to float adjustment according to the medical organization risk condition;Contain the insurance product to aim at sex according to the risk characteristics of the medical organization creative development, gradually extend to guarantee contents and scope, satisfy medical organization

ground in the bureau contains big

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Divide heat the weather that there is above 35 ℃ in the region, the partial region heat can reach to 37~39 ℃ .To 8:00 on the 12th, 8:00 on the 11th's Heilongjiang the east, Tibet Middle East department, Shaanxi the south and Sichuan basin the east and the south, Yunnan the big grounds, such as department, river's man, river Huai and Chiang-Nan the north...etc. have win arrive heavy rain, among them, basin in Sichuan northeast, Shaanxi the south, the east of Hubei and grounds, such as the south, Anhui the southeast and the southwest of Jiangsu...etc. of there is rain-storm in parts of regions, ground in the bureau contains big rain-storm(100~120 millimeter), above-mentioned ground in bureau in the region combine the companion have short time thunder-storm strong wind to wait strong convection the weather.8:00 on the 12th is 8 points of to the 13th, river Huai, river man big department, Chiang-Nannike lebron 11 uk the north, southwest region big department and China is southern the south the grounds, such as foreland, Heilongjiang Middle East department, Gansu the south and the southeast of Tibet...etc. have win arrive heavy rain, among them, in Chongqing the east, Hunan the north, the west of Hubei and the northwest of the east, Anhui the south and river, Jiangsu there is rain-storm in parts of regions of grounds, such as the south and the north of Zhejiang...etc., big rain-storm(100~150 millimeter) in the partial region;Above-mentioned ground in bureau in the region combines a companion to have the short time thunder-storm the strong wind to wait strong convection the weather.8:00 on the 13th is 8 points of to the 14th, river Huai the south, big department in the north, southwest region in Chiang-Nan, China south the west, the north, Heilongjiang central part in Huang Huai, west

Hiding the southeastern etc. ground has already won heavy rain, among them, there is rain-storm in parts of regions of grounds, such as Yunnan central part, Guizhou the east, Hunan the west, river's the northwest, Anhui the south and the north of Zhejiang...etc., big rain-storm(100~130 millimeter) in the partial region;Above-mentioned ground in bureau in the region combines a companion to have the short time thunder-storm the strong wind to wait strong convection the weather.Win a new net on July 11 and give or get an electric shock according to central news in the meteorological station website, originate strong rainfall the weather of basin in Sichuan will expand to the east today, anticipate for the coming 24 hour, the big department of river man, river Huai will appear big arrive rain-storm the weather, among them, the partial region of Sichuan the northeast, the northeast of Hubei will also have big rain-storm.Moreover, heat the weather of the southern big department still will keep on today daytime, heat the nike kobe 8 cheapweather that will appear above 37 ℃ of big department in Hunan the southeast, Jiangxi the southwest and Fukien.The central meteorological station continues to release a rain-storm blue early warning:Anticipate today from daytime to nighttime, in big department in Shaanxi the south, Sichuan the northeast, Chongqing the north and Hubei, Anhui the south, Hunan the north, northwestern river, Jiangsu the south, Chuan the western plateau central part and parts of regions of grounds, such as the north, Heilongjiang the northeast and the southeast of Tibet...etc. in the south, Yunnan is big rain-storm, among them, the partial region of Sichuan the northeast, the northeast of Hubei has greatly and suddenly and violently

Rain(100~120 millimeter);Above-mentioned ground in bureau in the region combines a companion to have the short time thunder-storm the strong wind to wait strong convection the weather.Heat, along with rain strength ground aggrandizement, today daytime, Chongqing keep on 4 days of heat the weather will have to alleviate today, the people of above-mentioned region can get appropriatebreather.But the tallest air temperature of Chiang-Nan and south region in China still will anticipate a this week end beginning in above 35 ℃ , heat the weather of the southern region will weaken gradually to the south from the north.Moreover, include Chuang in Peking, Tienjin and stone house, help south, Zheng Zhou at inside of north China, heat the weather that will also nike air max 2014 ukappear above 35 ℃ today of Huang Huai and big department in Xinjiang.The garbage classification that convened in yesterday processing and establish the national life garbage classification model city to mobilize to deploy a general assembly up, mayoral〃? Chen Jian Hua in Guangzhou City finishes talking garbage, also don't forget to talk fluid matter.Ensure citizen health, the put in the whole works of first.Speak here, Chen Jian Hua's topic a turn:Front a , we managed to carry on to mobilize deployment to water environment in Guangzhou, this Sunday, we are another to is next in importance to sail across Pearl River, someone may really worry that the ground asks me:Mayor Chen, the Pearl River is perhaps and still won't do?Chen Jian Hua smiles to be candid in saying:Pearl River fluid matter speaks from the whole in the last yearseses, also could not reach

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